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1 DAMBOOST Energy Drink Enriched With Vitamin C & Zinc 105GM
2 SAPROT Protein +Multivitamins + Multiminerals Powder (ChocolateFlavour) 200GM
3 DAMFLAM Diclofenac + Linseed Oil Clobetasol 30gm
4 CLODAM Propionate + gentamicin+ miconazole 15gm

Powder Oil Ointment Range PCD Franchise Company | PCD Pharma Franchise for Ointment Range

Powder Oil Ointment Range PCD Franchise Company – There are two types of ointments that need to be applied topically: cream-based and oil-based. These products aren’t just used for treating any skin problems. Rather, they can be used for reducing inflammations, alleviating muscle pains, reduce joint pains, treat cuts and wounds, and more. That’s why the scope of oil ointments in the coming time of Indian pharma is outstanding and very much profitable. So, if you want to start a new business in the pharmaceutical industry, do partner with us and enjoy the perks of PCD pharma company for ointments range.

Damsa Pharma | Best Powder Oil Ointments Range PCD Franchise Company

Damsa Pharma is a fastest growing PCD Pharma Franchise Company who is offering PCD pharma franchise for the wide range of the quality assured pharmaceuticals products. Out of all these elements, the oils and ointments have been added recently but it has earned a lot of reputation and applaud in the past few years. In fact, we have been able to diversify our business throughout the country based on PCD franchise oil and ointment option.

We specialize in manufacturing the products with appropriate and most effective solutions. It is our main goal to ensure that the India pharma industry can develop and the products are available for every section of the society. Owing to this reason, all our products in the oils and ointment categories are affordable and very reasonable.

Types of ointments in our PCD Pharma franchise product range

We have two main types of ointments in our PCD Pharma Franchise product range and these are:

  1. Cream-based ointments are manufactured by combining powder ingredients with a cream solution.
  2. Oil-based ointments comprise of different oil extracts and gel-type solutions.

At Damsa Pharma, we make sure to manufacture all the products under control supervision post confirmation from the R&D department. The ingredients and raw materials we use are of the highest quality and approved by FDA, CDC, and GMP. All our manufacturing units have advanced equipment pieces that make sure the product quality is not put at stake, regardless of how complex the formula is or what number of orders we have to prepare daily.

Why choose PCD Pharma Franchise for Powder Oil Ointments from Damsa Pharma?

Damsa Pharma is offering you a wonderful and lucrative pharma franchise for powder oil ointments range, making sure that your dream for having a business under your name can be fulfilled. Yet, if you are not convinced with what we are offering on the golden platter, let’s take a quick glance at the perks of our franchise option.

  1. We are an ISO certified Pharma PCD Company and therefore, there is nothing to worry about the legality and principles of our business.
  2. Our product range in the oil and ointment groups is huge, which is why you will have the option to include as many products as you want in your catalogue.
  3. Over the years, we have earned a prestigious reputation and firm hold in the Indian pharmaceutical market. therefore, you won’t have to worry about marketing and spreading news about your business.
  4. We make sure to keep all our ointments within a reasonable and affordable range so that you can do business with different sections of the market.

Damsa Pharma – An expert in Indian Pharmaceutical Franchise Industry

Thanks to our powder oil ointments range PCD franchise company, we have been able to help a lot of people to start their own business and make their vision come true

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