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Best Veterinary Products in India – Invest in quality Veterinary drugs for cattle and animals by Damsa Pharma. ISO certified Veterinary medicine company, our range includes calcium suspension, liver tonic, antiparasitic, antibiotic, uterine cleanser, multi-vitamin, etc Inform of injectables, bolus, feed supplements & suspensions, etc. We offer the best veterinary products in India that are manufactured under strict WHO GMP and GLP standards.

The veterinary drug segment is valued at over USD 34.5 billion. Animal medicines have a huge demand and are considered the best segment to invest in. Damsa Pharma Is a trusted top animal health company in India that offers CDSCO and DCGI approved best veterinary products in India. Our company is a proud manufacturer supplier and trader of animal medicines used globally for Veterinary treatment.

High-Quality Veterinary Drugs List by Damsa Pharma

Focusing on providing an exceptional medicinal range to treat veterinary ailments and improve animal healthcare, Damsa Pharma brings a wide range of medicines to treat animals. The medicines are R&D, manufactured, and packaged under government guidelines.

We care for animals, thus all our medicines are cruelty-free. Our range includes different therapeutic segments which are highly in demand. They are used to treat dogs, cats, horses, livestock, and exotic animal. Our specialization in the veterinary segment has made us a trusted name in the market,

Here, have a look at our popular Veterinary Drugs offered at Damsa Pharma:

  • Antibiotics
  • Antiparasitics
  • Vaccines
  • Hormones
  • Painkillers
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Heartworm medication
  • Flea and tick medication
  • Dewormer
  • Nutritional supplements

Our range also covers effective Veterinary Products:

  1. Feed supplements
  2. Injections
  3. Bolus
  4. Liver tonic
  5. Uterine tonics
  6. Uterine cleansers
  7. Wound healing spray etc.

We intend to introduce more medications, especially for animals, and widen the scope of the distribution business for our members. You can connect with us at +91- 8571001840, or +91- 9215615111 and know more about our range.

Strict QA/QC Standards Adopted for Animal Medicine Manufacturing

At Damsa Pharma, we ensure all our vet medicines meet predetermined specifications of quality control and quality assurance standards. We take pride in owning pharma manufacturing units that are fully equipped with world-class technology, following modern techniques and experienced expertise.  The collaboration of everything best has helped us maintain high-quality standards for our medicines.

Some of the well-known features of our company that ensure animal medicines are safe, effective, and of high quality are as follows:

  • Our units are certified with GMP-GLP. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, Damsa Pharma always follows practices laid by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for producing animal drugs to ensure that the whole process takes place in consistent and controlled manufactured.
  • We have an exceptionally successful quality management system.
    For research & development, we have a team of highly professional pharmacists. They have great experience with animal drugs and have provided great results.
  • The latest machines and equipment are installed by Damsa Pharma, in our manufacturing units. We want to deliver high-quality yet low-cost medications to our end users. We promise no compromise on quality.
  • Ingredients and API are sought-after from trusted vendors in the market. We hate low-quality material and thus, highly invest in A-grade material.

Why Invest in Veterinary Medicines Business?

The animal drug segment is getting bigger year by year. With an expectation of $27.2 billion by the end of 2025, This is the best sector to invest in. The Indian market is amongst the fastest growing market having a CAGR growth rate of   7.5% from 2020 to 2025.

It is exciting to watch how the next few years are crucial as the veterinary drug market expands. All thanks to the newer found research, government interests, and raising awareness of animal welfare that is contributing to expansion. The increased number of pet owners coupled with government regulations to improve animal health is a driving force. In case, you decide on investing, the veterinary drug market is the best.

Widest Range Of Veterinary Products

Damcal 2l (calcium suspension chelated)

Chelated calcium solutions are given to animals to promote healthy bone growth, muscular contraction, and nerve activity. They can be helpful for animals that are pregnant or nursing, as well as for dogs that are at risk for calcium deficiency.

Damcef vet 3gm (ceftriaxone injection i.p)

Ceftriaxone injection i.p. Is an antibiotic for animals that treat a variety of bacterial illnesses. It is frequently used to treat skin, urinary tract, and respiratory infections because it is efficient against a wide variety of bacteria.

Damsel 10ml (isoflupredone acetate IP)

A corticosteroid called isoflupredone acetate ip is used to treat autoimmune illnesses, hormone imbalances, skin problems, allergic responses, and inflammation in animals. To protect the welfare of the animal, it should be provided by a veterinarian who takes into account the recommended dosage and any possible negative effects.

Dectik 10ml (ivermectin 1%)

Animals with a range of internal and exterior parasite illnesses are treated and controlled with ivermectin 1% injection. It is efficient against mites, lice, roundworms, lungworms, and some types of ticks. For safe and efficient usage, proper veterinarian assistance is essential.

Damcee 30ml (ascorbic acid inj. 30ml)

Animals receive a vitamin supplement in the form of a 30ml ascorbic acid injection. It gives you access to a supply of vitamin C, which is necessary for many physiological processes, such as collagen formation, immune system support, and antioxidant activity. It is advised to get veterinary advice for the right dose and administration.

Damcal gold 1l (double-strength calcium suspension with vitamins, galactagogues &protein feed supplement)

Animals are fed a double-strength calcium solution containing vitamins, galactagogues, and protein as dietary supplement. It offers a rich dose of protein, calcium, vitamins, and galactagogues, which are compounds that encourage the formation of milk. It is frequently used to complement the dietary requirements of breastfeeding animals or those who are deficient in calcium and vitamins.

Damcob 30ml (methylcobalamin with b-complex injection)

Animals are given methylcobalamin with b-complex as a dietary supplement. Along with other b vitamins, it includes methylcobalamin, a kind of vitamin b12. It supports the neurological system, encourages energy metabolism, helps the body make red blood cells, and improves an animal’s general health and well-being.

Damkof-d (Dextro methorphan hydrobromide ip 10mg + chlorpheniramine maleate ip2mg+ phenylephrine hcl ip 5mg.)

Animals are treated with the combination of dextromethorphan hydrobromide ip 10 mg, chlorpheniramine maleate 2 mg, and phenylephrine hcl ip 5 mg for the treatment of cough, congestion, and allergy symptoms. The cough-suppressing effects of dextromethorphan, the antihistamine effects of chlorpheniramine, and the decongestant effects of phenylephrine. The correct dosage and administration must be done under veterinary supervision.

Damspas 60ml (mefanamic +paracetamol)

Animals are given the combination drugs mefenamic acid + paracetamol to treat pain and fever. While paracetamol works as an antipyretic and painkiller, mefenamic acid has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It is frequently employed in veterinary medicine to treat a variety of disorders’ discomfort and fever. The correct dosage and administration must be done under veterinary supervision.

Damliv-l (vitamin B-complex with l-lysine syrup)

Animals are given a dietary supplement called vitamin B-complex with l-lysine syrup. It offers a blend of b vitamins, which are necessary for several metabolic activities, as well as l-lysine, an amino acid crucial for protein synthesis. It helps animals produce more energy, develop, and stay healthy overall. For appropriate dose and administration, veterinary consultation is advised.

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